Marjorie Jones Schools of Dance
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16-17 Class Schedule

Please Note:  All 5-7 & 6-8 year old combo classes are one hour long and include BOTH tap and ballet.  When the class is taught by two different Instructors it is listed in both columns with an asterisk.*

Marjorie Jones School of Dance

Monday                STUDIO 1

4:00-4:45pm                        6-8 Beg. Jazz

4:45-5:15pm                        5-7 Tap Combo*

5:15-5:45pm                        6-8 Tap Combo*

5:45-6:30pm                        Pre-Accelerated Jazz

6:30-7:15pm                        10-13 Jazz 3

7:15-8:00pm                        Pre-Accelerated Tap

8:00-8:45pm                        10-13 Tap 3


10:00-10:45am                   4-6 Combo                          

10:45-11:15am                   3-4 Intro                               

1:15-2:00pm                        4-6 Combo                          

2:00-2:30pm                        3-4 Intro                               

4:00-5:00pm                        5-7 Ballet/Tap Combo

5:00-5:30pm                        3-4 Intro

5:30-6:15pm                        7-10 Ballet 1/2

6:15-7:00pm                        Acc. F Ballet                        

7:00-7:45pm                        Acc. D Ballet                       

7:45-8:30pm                        Acc. B Ballet                       

8:30-9:30pm                        Acc. Leaps, Turns, Tricks


3:45-4:45pm                        5-7 Combo          

4:45-5:30pm                        6-8 Ballet Combo*

5:30-6:00pm                        6-8 Tap Combo*

6:00-6:45pm                        6-8 Beg. Jazz

6:45-7:15pm                       3-4 Intro(Starts 1/2017)

7:15-8:00pm                        6-10 Hip Hop (Start 1/2017)

8:00-8:45pm                        10-Teen Hip Hop (Start 1/17)


4:30-5:00pm                        Acc. F Ballet                        

5:00-5:45pm                        4-5 Combo                          

5:45-6:30pm                        Acc. F Jazz Comp*            

6:30-7:15pm                        Acc. C & D Ballet               

7:15-8:00pm                        Acc. B Ballet/Pointe           

8:00-8:45pm                        Acc. A1 Ballet                     

8:45-9:30pm                        Acc. A2 Ballet                     

9:30-10:15pm                      Acc. A1/A2 Pointe              


9:00-9:30am                        3-4 Intro                               

9:30-10:15am                      4-5 Combo                          

10:15-11:15am                   5-7 Combo                          

Class Schedule 2016-2017*

Monday                STUDIO 2

4:00-4:30pm                        3-4 Intro                               

4:30-5:15pm                        6-8 Ballet Combo*            

5:15-5:45pm                        5-7 Ballet Combo*            

5:45-6:30pm                        4-5 Combo                          

6:30-7:15pm                        Pre-Accel. Ballet 

7:15-8:00pm                        10-13 Ballet 3                     




4:00-4:45pm                        7-10 Jazz ½

4:45-5:30pm                        7-10 Tap ½

5:30-6:15pm                        F Tap                                    

6:15-7:00pm                        Acc. B Tap                           

7:00-7:45pm                        Acc. B Jazz                          

7:45-8:30pm                        Acc. D Tap                           



Begins September 21st 

4:45-5:30pm                        Middle/High School Tumbling

5:30-6:15pm                        4-6 Acro

6:15-6:45pm                        3-4 Acro Intro

6:45-7:30pm                       6-10Acro



4:30-5:00pm                        3-4 Intro                               

5:00-5:45pm                        Acc. F Jazz                           

5:45-6:30pm                        Acc. D Jazz                          

6:30-7:15pm                        Acc. B Modern                    

7:15-8:00pm                        Acc. C & D Modern           

8:00-8:45pm                        Acc. A2 Modern

8:45-9:30pm                        Acc. A1 Modern 



8:45-9:45am                        ODM/Title Acro  

9:45-10:30am                      Accelerated Inter. Acro     

10:30-11:15am                   Accelerated Beg. 2 Acro    

11:15-12:00pm                   Accelerated Beg. 1 Acro