Marjorie Jones Schools of Dance
Marjorie Jones School of Dance (Upper Arlington, OH)      Northwest School of Dance (Hilliard, OH)
1679 W Lane Ave (614) 488-4894      4726 Cemetery Road (614) 529-9600

Dress Rehearsal Times

Dress Rehearsal Friday, May 12th:


                                Senior Solo         Sophia DeVore (ES)

                                Senior Solo         Grace McKenzie (SBH)

                                Senior Solo         Maggie Kaminski (ES)

                                Senior Solo         Alex Hatton (AS)

                                Senior Solo         Jessica Kulp (SP)

                                SENIOR TAP TRIO; JK, SD, AH (SB)            

4:15pm                 Wednesday        10:45-11:15am   3-4 Intro     AV/NW     BOTANIST, “Flowers In The Garden”

4:25pm                 Tuesday               4:00-4:45pm       4-5 Combo                          ED/NW WEDDING PLANNER

4:35pm                 Wednesday        1:15-2:00pm       4-6 Combo  AV/NW         BASEBALL PLAYERS, “Centerfield”

4:45pm                 Monday               5:15-5:45pm       5-7 Ballet Combo              SBH/NW              PUPPETS

4:55pm                 Thursday             6:30-7:00pm       3-4 Intro                LE/NW                  MAIDS, “Be Our Guest”

5:05pm       Monday      4:45-5:15pm    5-7 Tap Combo  ES/NW  MOVIE STAR, “Life Can’t Be Like The Movies”

5:10pm                 Tuesday               6:15-6:45pm       5-7 Ballet Combo              ED/NW                 “Tiny Dancer”

5:20pm          Saturday       10:30 & 11:15am Acc. Acro           KF/LA    VEGAS PERFORMERS, “Blue Man Group”

                                w/ Wed. 6:45pm Acro

5:30pm           Tuesday               6:30-7:15pm       4-5 Combo                          SBH/NW              EXPLORER, “Dora”

5:40pm                 Tuesday               6:45-7:15pm       5-7 Tap Combo                  ED/NW                 ROCKETTE

5:45pm             Thursday             6:45-7:15pm       5-7 Ballet Combo              SBH/NW              CRUISE DIRECTOR

5:55pm         Thursday             4:45-5:15pm       3-4 Intro               LE/NW                  SAILORS, “Beyond The Sea”

6:05pm                 Thursday             7:15-7:45pm       5-7 Tap Combo                  SBH/NW              MOUSEKETEER

6:10pm                 Tuesday               4:45-5:15pm       5-7 Tap Combo      ED/NW                 SECRETARIES, “9 to 5”

6:20pm      Wednesday  5:15-6:00pm   4-5 Combo      SP/NW                 TOYMAKER, “Me and My Teddy Bear”

6:30pm           Thursday     7:15-8:00pm       Acc. C/D Modern   DBC/LA CAT WELFARE WORKERS, “Jellical Ball”

6:40pm                 Monday               4:45-5:15pm       3-4 Intro                               SBH/NW              ZOOKEEPER

6:50pm                 Monday               4:45-5:15pm       3-4 Intro                               SBH/NW              ZOOKEEPER

7:00pm        Tuesday         5:45-6:15pm       3-4 Intro     ED/NW ASTRONOMER, “When You Wish Upon A Star”

7:10pm       Monday          5:45-6:30pm       Acc. E Jazz                     ES/NW                  NURSES, “Doctor, Doctor”

7:20pm                 Wednesday        8:15-9:00pm       Acc. A1 & A2 Tap              SD/NW                 HAIR DRESSERS

7:30pm                 Tuesday               7:45-8:30pm       Acc. D Tap                           SD/LA    WAITRESS

7:40pm                 Monday               6:30-7:15pm       Acc. E Ballet                        SBH/NW              CANDY MAKER

7:50pm           Monday         6:30-7:15pm       Acc. C Jazz                      ES/NW                  DENTIST, “Be A Dentist”

8:00pm         Thursday          6:30-7:15pm       Acc. B Modern            DBC/LA HUMANE SOCIETY DOG WALKERS

8:10pm          Wednesday        5:15-6:00pm       Acc. E Tap                    SD/NW                 POLICE OFFICERS

8:20pm                 Competition       Girls Just Want To Have Fun (ES)

8:25pm      Thursday       8:45-9:30pm       Acc. A1 Modern              DBC/LA HISTORIANS, “Alexander Hamilton”

8:35pm                 Wednesday        6:00-6:15pm       Acc. E Tap Comp.*           SD/NW                 “School Days”

8:40pm       Thursday     8:00-8:45pm       Acc. A2 Modern             DBC/LA FOTUNE TELLERS, “Dead Can Dance”

8:50pm                 Monday               7:15-8:00pm       Acc. E Jazz Comp*            ES/NW  “Aye Carumba”

8:55pm          Thursday             5:45-6:30pm       Acc. D Jazz                       KM/LA                  NURSES, “Lovesick”

9:05pm           Tuesday               6:15-7:00pm       Acc. B Tap                            SD/LA                    PHOTOGRAPHER

9:15pm           Wednesday        7:30-8:15pm       Acc. C Tap      SD/NW           DETECTIVE,     “Inspector Gadget”

9:25pm                 Tuesday               7:00-7:45pm       Acc. B Jazz                           SD/LA                    PEDIATRICIAN


                                Sinnerman (DBC)

                                Home (SP)

                                Enter Sandman (SP)

                                Competition       Going, Going, Gone (DBC)

                                Chasing Cars (ES)

                                Viola (DBC)

9:45pm                 Senior Dance and Video