Marjorie Jones Schools of Dance
Marjorie Jones School of Dance (Upper Arlington, OH)      Northwest School of Dance (Hilliard, OH)
1679 W Lane Ave (614) 488-4894      4726 Cemetery Road (614) 529-9600

May 27th; 12:30pm Show

Saturday, May 27th 12:30pm: PERFORMANCE ORDER

Thursday             5:00-5:45pm       Acc. F Jazz                           KM/LA  PRIVATE EYE, “Private Eyes”

Monday               4:45-5:15pm       5-7 Tap Combo                  SP/LA    LIFEGUARD, “I Wanna Be A Lifeguard”

Tuesday               4:00-4:30pm       5-7 Ballet Combo     KB/LA    ASTRONOMER, “When You Wish Upon A Star”

Wednesday        4:15-4:45pm       5-7 Tap Combo                  ED/LA    SECRETARIES, “9 to 5”

Saturday              10:15-10:45am   5-7 Ballet Combo              KM/LA  COAL MINER, “Heigh-Ho”

Monday               4:00-4:30pm       3-4 Intro                               KB/LA    CANDY MAKER, “Pure Imagination”

Competition       Home (SP)

Monday               6:30-7:15pm       Pre-Acc. Ballet                   KB/LA    WEDDING PLANNER, “Marry You”

Tuesday               6:15-7:00pm       Acc. F Ballet                        KB/LA    MATADOR, “Swan Lake, Spanish Dance”

Tuesday               10:45& 2:00pm  3-4 Intro                               AV/LA   BROADWAY STAR, “Broadway Baby”

Wednesday        5:30 & 6:15pm   4-5 & 3-4 Acro                    KF/LA    CIRCUS PERFORMERS

Thursday             5:00-5:45pm       4-5 Combo                          SP/LA    IMAGINEER, “One Little Spark

Thursday             4:30-5:00pm       3-4 Intro                               KM/LA  CHIMNEY SWEEP, “Chim Chiminey”

Monday               5:45-6:30pm       4-5 Combo                          KB/LA    MUSICIAN, “Do-Re-Mi”

Competition       Going, Going, Gone (DBC)

Tuesday               4:30-5:00pm       5-7 Tap Combo                  KB/LA    ACTRESS, “Another day Of Sun”

Monday               7:15-8:00pm       Pre-Acc. Tap                       AB/LA   BANKER, “We’re In The Money”

Thursday             5:45-6:30pm       Acc. F Jazz Comp*            SP/LA    “Boy From NYC”

Monday               5:15-5:45pm       5-7 Ballet Combo              KB/LA    VETERINARIAN, “I Wanna Be Like You”

Wednesday        3:45-4:15pm       5-7 Ballet Combo              ED/LA    “Tiny Dancer”

Saturday              10:45-11:15am   5-7 Tap Combo                  KM/LA  SAILOR, “In The Navy”

Competition       “Sinnerman” (DBC)

Tuesday               1:15-2:00pm       4-6 Combo                          AV/LA   TEACHER, “ABC”

Saturday              9:00-9:30am       3-4 Intro                            KM/LA  STUDENTS, “We Are Going To Be Friends”

Wednesday        6:45-7:15pm       3-4 Intro                               ED/LA    PRINCESS

Saturday              9:30-10:15am     4-5 Combo                          KM/LA  POSTMEN, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”

Tuesday               5:00-5:30pm       3-4 Intro                               KB/LA    FLORIST, “All In The Golden Afternoon””

Monday               5:45-6:30pm       Pre-Acc. Jazz                      SP/LA    BALLROOM DANCERS, “Hit The Floor”

Tuesday               5:30-6:15pm       Acc. F Tap                            SD/LA    BAKERS

FINALE-ENTIRE CAST (presentation of Scholarships-HC)