Marjorie Jones Schools of Dance
Marjorie Jones School of Dance (Upper Arlington, OH)      Northwest School of Dance (Hilliard, OH)
1679 W Lane Ave (614) 488-4894      4726 Cemetery Road (614) 529-9600

May 27th; 3:00pm Show

Saturday, May 27th 3:00pm: PERFORMANCE ORDER

Wednesday        8:15-9:00pm       Acc. A1 & A2 Tap              SD/NW                 HAIR DRESSERS

Tuesday               8:00-8:45pm       Teen Ballet                         SBH/NW              FLORIST

Thursday             6:30-7:15pm       Acc. B Modern                  DBC/LA                HUMANE SOCIETY DOG WALKERS

Monday               5:45-6:30pm       6-8 Ballet Combo              SBH/NW              DEEP SEA DIVER

Tuesday               5:15-5:45pm       6-8 Tap Combo                  ED/NW                 CANDY MAKER

Tuesday               7:15-8:00pm       8-10 Ballet 2                        SBH/NW              MATADOR

Competition       “Chasing Cars” (ES)

Thursday             8:30-9:15pm       9-11 Tap                       LE/NW  TRAIN CONDUCTOR, “Choo Choo Ch’ Boogie”

Thursday             4:30-5:15pm       6-10 Jazz 1                           SBH/NW              SUPER MODEL

Wednesday        7:30-8:15pm       Acc. C Tap                            SD/NW                 DETECTIVE, “Inspector Gadget”

Thursday             5:15-6:00pm       6-8 Ballet Combo              SBH/NW              DOLL MAKER

Tuesday               7:15-8:00pm       12-Teen Jazz                      ED/NW                 SECRETARIES, “9 to 5”

Thursday             7:45-8:30pm       10-Teen Hip Hop              LE/NW        RECORDING ARTIST, “Hip Hop Medley”

BIG BALLET                                         ACC. A-D                              SBH & KB             BALLERINAS, “Swan Lake”

Monday               5:15-5:45pm       6-8 Tap Combo                  ES/NW             CHEF, “Mama Odie’s Kitchen Song”

Tuesday               4:30-5:15pm       6-8 Ballet Combo              SBH/NW              MARIONETTE

Thursday             7:00-7:45pm       9-11 Jazz                              LE/NW                  MILITARY PERSONNEL, “Salute”

Thursday             6:00-6:45pm       7-9 Ballet 1                          SBH/NW              PRINCESS, “Cinderella”

Tuesday               8:00-8:45pm       8-10 Jazz 2                           ED/NW                 LIFEGUARD, “Surfin’ USA”

Saturday              10:30 & 11:15am Acc. Acro                           KF/LA     VEGAS PERFORMERS, “Blue Man Group”

                                w/ Wed. 6:45pm Acro

Thursday             6:00-6:30pm       6-8 Tap Combo                  LE/NW              BROADWAY STAR, “On Broadway”

Thursday             7:45-8:30pm       9-11 Ballet                           SBH/NW              MATCH MAKER

Thursday             5:15-6:00pm       7-9 Tap 1                              LE/NW           WAITRESS, “Shake, Rattle and Roll”

Tuesday               5:45-6:30pm       6-8 Beginning Jazz            SBH/NW              SPY, “Soul Bossa Nova”

Thursday             7:15-8:00pm       Acc. C/D Modern             DBC/LA        CAT WELFARE WORKERS, “Jellical Ball”

Monday               8:00-8:45pm       Acc. A1 & A2 Jazz              ES/NW                  PHYSICAL THERAPISTS

Competition       “Viola” (DBC)

FINALE- (entire cast)