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Recitals 2020

Friday, June 26-28: RECITAL (Rain Dates: June 29-July 1)

OUTDOOR VENUE ~ The Amphitheater behind the UALC - Mill Run Church.  3500 Mill Run Dr, Hilliard, OH 43026. Classes will perform throughout the weekend at assigned times below and will be dismissed as soon as they finish performing.

Continuously check your email and social media the day of the event. If we have inclement weather we will communicate as quickly as possible any changes that need to be made.

Please limit the number of family members attending.  Family units must stay together and maintain 6 feet distance from other families to allow this event to happen per the Franklin County Board of Health. There will be no seating.  This is a standing only event.

Day of Show: Follow the marked path from the parking lot to to the amphitheater 10 minutes before your performance time. Stop at the family/dancer holding area, again maintaining social distancing.  Please wait in your car if you arrive prior that time.  

Recital Times 2020:

Our updated recital schedule is below (Saturday late afternoon times have shifted some).  

    • Please arrive ten(10) minutes prior to your performance time; dressed and ready for your first performance. We will have a large area designated to wait until it is your classes turn to head to the stage.  **We will be running right on time**
    • If dancers have more than one dance, please bring necessary shoes and additional costumes with you and keep them with your family (not the dancer).
    • Keep Attendees to a minimum to help with social distancing
    • Our staff will be skeleton for the recital so that we can help keep numbers down. 
    • Bring personal water bottles if needed

Friday, June 26th:

4:00pm Monday 3:45pm 4-5 combo at LA w/ AM & GH

4:10pm Monday 4:00pm 3-4 Intro at LA w/DBC

4:20pm Monday 4:30pm 5-7 Ballet combo at LA w/ AM & GH

4:25pm Monday 5:00pm 5-7 Tap combo at LA w/DBC

4:35pm Monday 4:30pm 6-8 Tap combo at LA w/DBC

4:40pm Monday 5:00pm 6-8 Ballet combo at LA w/AM & GH

4:50pm Monday 5:45pm 3-4 Intro at LA w/AM & GH

5:00pm Monday 5:30pm 7-9 Jazz 1 at LA w/DBC

5:10pm Monday 6:15pm 7-9 Ballet 1 at LA w/ KB

5:20pm Monday 7:00pm 7-9 Tap 1 at LA w/ DBC

5:30pm Monday 6:15pm 8-10 Tap 2 at  LA w/DBC

5:40pm Monday 7:00pm 8-10 Jazz 2 at LA w/ KB

5:50pm Monday 7:45pm 8-10 Ballet 2 at LA w/KB

6:00pm Tuesday 6:00pm 4-5 Combo at LA w/SP

6:10pm Tuesday 6:45pm Pre-Accelerated Ballet at LA w/SP

6:20pm Tuesday 7:30pm Pre-Accelerated Tap at LA w/SDS

6:30pm Thursday 7:15pm Pre-Accelerated Jazz at LA w/NS

6:40pm Wednesday 6:15pm Accelerated G Jazz at NW w/DBC

6:50pm Wednesday 4:45pm Accelerated G Tap at NW w/AV

7:00pm Accelerated G Ballet w/KB & SA

7:10pm Tuesday 6:45pm Accelerated F Tap at LA w/SDS

7:20pm Tuesday 8:15pm Accelerated F Modern at LA w/SDS

7:30pm Thursday 5:15pm Accelerated F Jazz at LA w/NS

7:40pm  Thursday Accelerated F Ballet w/KB & SA

Saturday, June 27th:

10:00am Tuesday 10:00am 3-4 Intro at LA w/DBC

10:10am Tuesday 12:15pm 3-4 Intro at LA w/DBC

10:20am Tuesday 12:45pm 4-5 combo at LA w/DBC

10:30am Accelerated E Ballet w/KB & SA

10:45am Tuesday 3:45pm 5-7 Ballet Combo at LA w/SP

10:50am Tuesday 3:45pm 5-7 Tap Combo at LA w/SP

11:00am Tuesday 4:45pm 6-8 Beginning Jazz at LA w/SP

11:10am Tuesday 5:30pm 6-8 Tap Combo at LA w/SP

11:15am Tuesday 6:00pm 6-8 Ballet Combo at LA w/SDS

11:25am Accelerated E Jazz w/SP

11:35am Accelerated E Modern w/DBC

11:45am Accelerated E Tap w/SDS

11:55am Accelerated C Ballet w/KB & SA

12:05pm Accelerated C Tap w/SDS

12:15pm Accelerated C Modern w/DBC

12:25pm Accelerated C Jazz w/NS

12:35pm Tuesday 4:15pm 7-10 Ballet 1/2 at NW w/SA

12:45pm Tuesday 5:00pm 7-10 Tap 1/2 at NW w/SA

12:55pm Tuesday 5:45pm 7-10 Jazz 1/2 at NW w/SA

1:05pm Tuesday 6:30pm 4-5 combo at NW w/EK

1:15pm Tuesday 6:30pm 3-4 Intro at NW w/SA

1:25pm Tuesday 7:15pm 5-7 Ballet Combo at NW w/EK

1:30pm Tuesday 7:15pm 5-7 Tap Combo at NW w/EK

1:40pm Tuesday 7:00pm 6-9 ballet Combo at NW w/SA

1:45pm Tuesday 7:00pm 6-9 Tap Combo at NW w/SA

1:55pm Tuesday 8:15pm 6-9 Jazz 1 at NW w/EK

2:05pm Tuesday 8:15pm 9-11 Ballet 3 at NW w/SA

2:15pm Wednesday 10:00am 3-4 Intro at NW w/AV

2:25pm Wednesday 10:30am 4-6 Combo at NW w/AV

2:35pm Wednesday 1:00pm 4-6 Combo at NW w/AV

2:45pm Wednesday 4:45pm 4-5 Combo at NW w/DBC

2:55pm Accelerated D Jazz w/SP

3:05pm Accelerated D Tap w/SDS

3:15pm Accelerated D Modern w/DBC

3:25pm Accelerated D Ballet w/SA & KB

3:35pm Accelerated B Modern w/DBC

3:45pm Accelerated B Tap w/SDS

3:55pm Accelerated B Jazz w/SP

4:05pm Wednesday 3:45 5-7 Ballet Combo at LA w/JK

4:10pm Wednesday 3:45 5-7 Tap Combo at LA w/JK

4:20pm Wednesday 4:00pm 6-8 Beginning Jazz at LA w/SP

4:30pm Wednesday 4:45pm 4-5 Combo at LA w/JK

4:40pm Wednesday 5:30pm 3-4 Intro at LA w/NS

4:50pmWednesday 5:30pm 4-5 Combo at LA w/SP

5:00pm Wednesday 6:00pm 5-7 Ballet Combo at LA w/NS

5:05pm Wednesday 6:00pm 5-7 Tap Combo at LA w/NS

5:15pm Wednesday 6:15pm 10-12 Tap 3 at LA w/SP

5:25pm Wednesday 7:00pm 10-12 Ballet 3 at LA w/SP

5:35pm Wednesday 7:45pm 10-12 Jazz 3 at LA w/ SP

5:45pm Wednesday 7:00pm 7-9 Jazz 1 at LA w/NS

5:55pm Wednesday 7:45pm 8-12 Hip Hop at LA w/NS

6:05pm Thursday 6:00pm 3-4 Intro at LA w/NS

6:15pm Saturday 9:30am 4-5 Combo at NW w/AV

6:25pm Saturday 10:15am 5-8 Ballet Combo at NW w/AV

6:30pm Saturday 10:15am 5-8 Tap Combo at NW w/AV

6:40pm Saturday 10:00am 4-5 Combo at LA w/SA

6:50pm Accelerated B Ballet w/KB & SA

7:05pm Friday 4:00pm 6-9 Beginning Acro at LA w/SP &RP

7:15pm Friday 7:00pm Intermediate Acro at LA w/SP & RP

7:25pm Friday 7:45pm Advanced Acro at LA w/SP & RP

7:35pm ODM Acro 2 w/ SP & RP

7:45pm ODM Acro 1 w/ SP & RP

Sunday, June 28th:

12:00pm Thursday 4:15pm 6-8 Ballet Combo at NW w/SP

12:05pm Thursday 5:00pm 6-8 Tap Combo at NW w/SDS

12:15pm Thursday 5:30pm 6-8 Beginning Jazz at NW w/ SP

12:25pm Thursday 4:30pm 5-7 Tap Combo at NW w/SDS

12:30pm Thursday 5:00pm 5-7 Ballet Combo at NW w/SP

12:40pm Thursday 5:30pm 3-4 Intro at NW w/SDS

12:50pm Thursday 6:00pm 5-7 Ballet Combo at NW w/SDS

12:55pm Thursday 6:00pm 5-7 Tap Combo at NW w/SDS

1:05pm Thursday 6:15pm 8-11 Ballet 2 at NW w/SP

1:15pm Thursday 7:00pm 8-11 Tap 2 at NW w/SDS

1:25pm Thursday 7:45pm 8-11 Jazz 2 at NW w/SP

1:35pm Thursday 7:00pm 10-12 Ballet 3 at NW w/SP

1:45pm Thursday 7:45pm 10-12 Tap 3 at NW w/SDS

1:55pm Thursday 8:30pm 10-12 Jazz 3 at NW w/SDS

2:05pm Thursday 8:30pm 12-teen Ballet 4 at NW w/SP

2:15pm Thursday 9:15pm 12-teen Tap 4 & 12-teen Hip Hop w/SP & SDS

2:25pm Accelerated A Tap w/SDS

2:35pm Accelerated A Jazz w/NS

2:45pm Accelerated A Modern w/DBC

2:55pm Accelerated A Ballet w/SA & KB

3:05pm Katie Whitman Solo

3:15pm Stella Rankin Solo

3:25pm Emily Grcic Solo

3:35pm Stella & Katie Tap Duet

3:45pm Graduating Seniors