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Spring Recitals 2017


Shows will be held on Saturday, May 27th


Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your performance time


 Marjorie Jones Schools Inc.:          Recital Information

Recital Updates and Info:  Information or updates will be posted on the bulletin boards at each studio location and our website; .  Make it your responsibility to keep abreast of this important information.  It is our goal to make the recital experience organized and exciting for all involved.  It’s a team effort; students, their parents, the teachers, and the director are key players in the success of the show.

Costume Care:  We recommend that your child’s name be placed in all costumes, shoes, accessories and tights.  Store the costume in a safe, dry place without easy access for young children and pets.  Accessories should be packed in clear plastic bags or plastic containers for protection.  If your child is performing in more than one dance; place additional costumes, shoes, accessories in a garment bag with the dancer’s name on the outside.  Securely and firmly attach all straps, buttons and accessories to costumes prior to photo session, dress rehearsal, or the performance.

Tights:  Make sure that you have new (required brand and color) tights for the Recital season.

Shoes:  All students are required to have the correct style and color of shoes for each dance they perform in the Recital.  All tap shoes must have elastic (remove all ties) to securely fasten them.  Remove all scuff marks and stickers from shoes prior to pictures and dress rehearsal.


Hair and Makeup:  All female students are required to wear makeup for the performance.

3-4 Intro, 4-5 Combo, 5-7 Combo & 6-8 Combo:   pink lipstick and blush. (neutral eye makeup is optional)

All Other Dancers: pink or red lipstick and pink blush, neutral eye shadow, brown or black mascara, black or brown eyeliner and optional foundation.*

Competition Students:  Wear full competition makeup.

Uniform hairstyles are required.  All female students must wear their hair securely fastened in a bun or ponytail (styles will be determined by Instructor).  All hair must be slicked down with hairspray and gel.  Bobby pins should be used to pin down short or “fly-away” hair.  Students with short hair must pull their hair away from the face and slick it down.  All buns should be securely fastened in the center of the head.  Please use a hair net and bobby pins to ensure that the students hair does not come undone during the performance.

Please make sure to bring extra bobby pins, pony tail holders, hair spray, gel and hair nets.  Place these items in a bag with the students name clearly printed on the outside.

Pre-Planning:  The Recital isn’t a one day activity.  Gather all costumes, accessories, shoes and makeup several days in advance so you’ll know if something is missing or isn’t right.  Make a checklist of your child’s routines, listing the costume, tights, shoes and accessories, and refer to it to make sure you have all your supplies before going to the theater.

Group Photos:  Group photographs of each class will be taken during the dress rehearsal after the students have rehearsed on stage.  Students will be taken directly from the stage to the Photo Area by their Instructor or Student Helper.  Students are REQUIRED to be a part of the group photo but, not required to order one.  The 5-7 Ballet/Tap Combo Classes and 6-8 Ballet/Tap Combo Classes will take a group picture in each costume.

Photo order forms and payment are due at the dress rehearsal.  Checks made payable to Portraits By Lisa.

Photo order forms will be available at both studios two weeks prior to the dress rehearsal dates.

Individual PhotosIndividual Photos are not required but may be ordered at the same time you order Group Photos.  Dancers who order Individual Photos will have their portrait done after the Group Photo is finished.  All Photos will be available for pick up at Fall Registration.

Dress Rehearsal: 

Participation in the dress rehearsal is MANDATORY.  Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your posted dress rehearsal time.  Times are listed on the Bulletin Board at either studio.  Students should arrive dressed in first performance costume with hair and makeup ready.  When you arrive there will probably be other dancers on the stage.  Please find your classmates and sit with them in the auditorium.  Wait until it is your turn for dress rehearsal.  Your Instructor will call you up to the stage.  In order to run a timely rehearsal we ask that you arrive early and remain in the auditorium until it is your turn.  All of the teachers are working very hard during the rehearsal and performance to ensure a positive result.  Please hold any questions or comments for a different time.  If you have any concerns or questions please ask your Instructor before the dress rehearsal or wait until the next class.  All classes will meet once during the week between dress rehearsal and recitals.  Parents or Guardians should accompany each student to the dress rehearsal.

Students will be dismissed from rehearsal once they have completed all of their routines and group photos.  Parents and Guardians should remain throughout the dress rehearsal until the student is dismissed.  Parents or Guardians may videotape or shoot photographs of their children at the dress rehearsal.  Due to the large number of cameras no electrical outlets will be available so be sure your batteries are fully charged.  Please note: no video or flash photography will be permitted during the Recital.

Recital:  Students will remain backstage during the performance and are not to watch the show from the audience.

Finale- All students are required to participate in the finale, which will be rehearsed during the last week of classes.  All students will remain in their last performance costume for the finale.  Young students should be picked up onstage after the finale.

Props- All props are property of Marjorie Jones Schools Inc. and are to be returned to your Instructor after the performance.  Props include such items as: canes, parasols, beach balls, etc.

One DVD is available to each family who paid the Recital Fee.  Please mark the DVD order form posted at each studio.  All DVD’s will be available for pickup at registration in August the following school year.  If you would like an extra copy of the performance or a copy of more than one performance there is a $35 fee per additional DVD.

Concessions- Drinks, some snacks and flowers will be sold in the lobby before and after the recital.  The purchase of these items benefit our competition groups.

Plan to arrive 30 minutes before show time, with the dancer in his/her first costume.  All hair and makeup should be done at home prior to your arrival at the theater.

Drop Off on Recital Day: One parent should accompany each younger student into the dressing rooms and backstage area.  All students will stay in the backstage area during the show.  Parents should leave dancers in the backstage area with Teachers and Adult Supervisors, then return to the lobby to enter the auditorium.  If your child has more than one costume make sure everything is clearly marked with students name and placed into one garment bag.  This will need to be given to the teachers backstage handling costume changes before the start of the show.

Since no tickets are necessary to enter the performances, no seats will be assigned.  The only reserved seating is held each year for the parents of the Graduating Seniors. DO NOT SAVE SEATS!!!

The doors to the auditorium will be opened 30 minutes prior to the start of the show.


Please remain seated during the performance.  All costume changes will be handled by the Instructors backstage.  Please use the restroom facilities located in the lobby (not in the backstage area, these are used for staff and performers).  We want to emphasize that all parents, friends and family should NOT be in the backstage area at any time.

If you have extra costumes, please collect your child first.  Then retrieve your other costume(s) from the dressing rooms backstage after the finale.